SRPA Membership

SRPA Membership

SRPA membership can be joined by either filling in the downloadable pdf or filling in the form found on this page.

There are 2 types of SRP membership available:

FULL Membership

Open to businesses or individuals who operate pastoral properties within the Southern Rangelands region of Western Australia.
Fee: $100

ASSOCIATE Membership

Open to businesses or individuals who have an interest in the pastoral industry within the Southern Rangelands of Western Australia.
Fee: $50

Why Join?

  • To participate in projects funded and delivered by SRPA or its partners
  • To receive current information on news and events relevant to the pastoral industry
  • To receive the SRPA newsletter – either in hardcopy (posted to you) or in electronic copy, in your email inbox.
  • To have access to a central source of information (if we don’t have an answer to your query, we’ll direct you to someone who does!)
  • To be part of a united industry group representing pastoralists across the whole of the Southern Rangelands of WA

Apply Here

The OBJECTIVE of the SRPA Inc. is to support sustainable pastoral production and diversification in the Southern Rangelands.
Membership Aligns with New Financial Year.
(Membership will be valid from date of receipt of membership fee until June 30, 2023)
Download and print form
Fill in the form below.
Member APplication
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