SRPA Board & Staff

SRPA is governed by a Board of 9 members, all pastoralists in the Southern Rangelands.

These Board members volunteer their time and efforts to govern the SRPA so that it meets all compliance requirements and to guide the group in such a way that it delivers real outcomes for its members.

Chair – Alys McKeogh, Carey Downs Station

Alys owns and operates Carey Downs Station in the Gascoyne region alongside her husband Harry and 3 children. In addition to being actively involved in all aspects of station management, Alys is a practicing Registered Nurse, with a background in business and management, a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, and a 2023 Nuffield Scholar.

Alys is also a Shire Councillor, and holds several board and volunteer positions. Her passion for agriculture and rural, regional and remote Australia is what drives her to volunteer her time to lead and represent those communities.

Vice Chair – Tom Foulkes-Taylor, Yuin Station

Tom was raised on Yuin Station in the southern Murchison region. After developing skills in the building and construction industry, Tom returned home with his wife and children to manage the station alongside his parents. Yuin Station is comprised of 3 enterprises: sheep production, contracting, and carbon farming. Tom believes the Southern Rangelands holds immense opportunity and wants to see the region come to life once again.

Secretary – David Hammarquist, Mt Augustus Station

David was raised on Mt Augustus Station, and currently manages the property alongside his wife Beth. In addition to the station, which runs a herd of beef cattle for the domestic supply chain, David operates a cropping and grazing farm in the Midwest to supply the stations fodder requirements. The station is currently investigating carbon farming opportunities. Mt Augustus has diversified further into tourism, offering a variety of accommodation and other tourist services.

David is actively involved in the local community, sitting on the Landor Races committee as well as the SRPA board. David describes himself as holding traditional station values, while embracing everything the future has to offer the Southern Rangelands

Treasurer – Debbie Dowden, Challa Station

Debbie owns and operates Challa Station alongside her husband Ashley. The primary enterprise is beef production for the domestic and export supply chains, however the station has also diversified into earthmoving equipment contracting and a HIR carbon project.

The Dowdens are keen adaptors of new technology and best practice pastoralism, constantly seeking information as they continue the journey from sheep to cattle production.

A self-described “go-getter”, Debbie has extensive experience on committees and boards including a a director of the Rural, Regional Remote Women’s network of WA, Secretary of the Morgan Horse Association of Australia and past Secretary and President of the Mt Magnet Race Club. She also sits on the Cattle Industry Funding Scheme Board, is President of the SE Murchison Division of the PGA and is Secretary of the Rangelands Fibre and Produce Association.

Debbie a graduate of the Australian Rural Leadership Program and has recently completed a Master of Environmental Science (Research) degree studying community engagement in the four cell fence projects in WA.

Board Member – Mayne Jenour, Jingemarra Station

Mayne was raised on a family beef farm in the Shire of Capel. Armed with an Honours degree in Agricultural Science from the University of WA, his experience includes managing cropping programs and contracting businesses specialising in hay production, grain seeding/harvesting and tree planting for carbon sequestration.

Mayne currently operates a number of livestock enterprises across the Southwest, Midwest and Southern Rangelands regions, with a focus on conservation and technology. Plans for the Southern Rangelands enterprise include running a mixed cattle and sheep grazing model in conjunction with Human Induced Regeneration (HIR) carbon projects. With a keen interest and focus on drone technology application for remote monitoring of livestock, feral animals and infrastructure, Mayne is excited about what the future of the Southern Rangelands holds.

Board Member – Fiachra Kearney, Narndee / Boodanoo Stations

Fiachra is a former research scientist with the CSIRO Rangelands & Savannahs Research team, focussing on blending livestock production with conservation, where economic enterprise is used to restore landscape health. His interest lies in the development of truly sustainable landscapes, where nature and society are nurtured through restorative economic enterprise. He worked in Queensland, the NT and northern South Australia before spending several years in Eastern, Central and Southern Africa focused large, intact landscapes.

Fiachra believes the Southern Rangelands of Western Australia have immense potential for low-impact, high-value agricultural production through a sustainable, circular economics model. Fiachra also has over 15 years in private business and sees a market opportunity for the Southern Rangelands of WA to leverage increasing consumer demand for regenerative produce linked to verifiable and measurable outcomes.

Board Member – Klinton Breese, Yarraquin Station

Klinton was raised in the wheatbelt in the town of Toodyay. After completing a mining environmental engineering degree with the WA School of Mines, he gained extensive experience in major construction projects in the oil and gas, mining and public infrastructure sector.

When the family purchased Yarraquin Station 9 years ago, Klinton found he instantly fell in love with the Murchison region and has recently become actively involved with assisting the family run the cattle enterprise on the station.

Klinton is passionate about the environment and improving the land through increased rainfall utilisation and vegetation management. He is excited about the future of the Southern Rangelands with the potential for improving the agricultural systems in the region to increase productivity whilst also improving the sustainability of the red meat industry.


Board Member – Wendy Hoseason-Smith, Dairy Creek Station

Watch this space - more information about our Board Member Wendy Hoseason-Smith from Dairy Creek Station  will be coming soon!  


Board Member – Maggie Wood, Jimba Jimba Station

Watch this space - more information about our Board Member Maggie Wood, from Jimba Jimba Station in the Southern Rangelands will be coming soon!

Executive Officer - Margi Weir

Margi grew up on a mixed farm in the northern agricultural zone of WA. She has a broad depth of knowledge and experience in the agricultural and environmental sectors and has lived and worked in WA, SA, QLD and the NT across a diverse range of industries. This background provides her with an in-depth understanding of the pastoral industry and its exciting future with emerging markets such as biodiversity. She has a passion for horses and cattle, and her trusty Kelpie dog ensures she never goes far without him. 

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