Southern Rangelands
Pastoral Alliance

Leading and Supporting Sustainable
Pastoral Production & Diversification

About SRPA

SRPA is a non-profit incorporated community association, representing pastoralists in the Southern Rangelands region of Western Australia.

The WA Southern Rangelands encompass all of the land area south of the Pilbara, excluding the Agricultural Zone of the South West Land Division.​
Map of Western Australia and regions
Goulding, P.M. (2014), Generalised Regions of Western Australia.
Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia, Perth. Map.


The Southern Rangelands Pastoral Alliance was formed to provide leadership and support for sustainable pastoral production and diversification in the Southern Rangelands.

SRPA Vision

Connected, Producer-Driven, Healthy Landscapes, Better Business

SRPA Mission

To lead change by sharing knowledge, and facilitating research and innovation based on industry needs.

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SRPA Projects

SRPA seeks funding to deliver a range of projects. These may be for an event or activity at a specific site, or for a project that is delivered across all or part of the Southern Rangelands.
Currently we have 3 projects under way. For more information on any of these please contact us through the Contact page.

International Year of Rangelands and Pastoralists 2026

The United Nations have declared 2026 to be the International Year of Rangelands and Pastoralists.

We are looking for some people who might like to join the WA committee for the International Year of Rangelands and pastoralists. This is an opportunity for pastoralists to make international connections and promote pastoralism within their own countries. The IYRP aims are

• To increase worldwide understanding of the value of rangelands and pastoralism for food security, economy, environment and cultural heritage
• To fill knowledge gaps about rangelands and pastoralists through participatory research and strategic communication
• To promote informed, science-based policy and legislation for current and future generations
• To advocate for strengthening the capacity of the pastoralism sector and for increasing responsible investment in sustainable land-use practices, equitable access to markets, and the health and wellbeing of people and animals in the rangelands as a climate solution.

The WA committee would meet online and work in with the national committee, which is organised through the Australian Rangeland Society.

To learn more about the WA Committee, contact Debbie Dowden here

Learn more about IYRP here: 

Resources & Documents

Pastoral Industry References

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SRPA Newsletters

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